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Meet The Founder & CEO

Chaves House Publishing is proud to work with truly talented authors. Lenaure Batista created Chaves House to house her growing library of works, and also to provide a supportive home to a new crop of talented writers of varying genres, who are all connected by their desire to uplift and empower their readers.

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Self-Help, Poetry, Children's, Fiction

Lenaure Batista is an award-winning arts educator, transformational wellness coach, speaker and author.  Her work has been featured at the LA Times Festival of Books. Her writing is infused with themes of self-love, empowerment, abundance and alignment. She is the creator of NLB DreamWorks Project, The Silly Celly Series, The Lenaure Batista Journals Collection, and The Essential Self-Publishing Success Blueprint.  She teaches and works with several groups of writers and performers globally.  She is currently developing an educational children's series.

About Us: Our Authors
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